There’s a lot of information out about The Wheel of Consent out there. Brilliant, clear explanations about the quadrants, the purpose and the basis of it.  Imho It’s a subtle, radical work of genius and thankfully spreading through the conscious sexuality teaching world. Betty Martin is the sex educators sex educator of choice.  I’m honoured and thrilled to be supporting her in Manchester in May. Ahead of this I want to share how the WOC, and playing the 3 min game for the last 5 years has steadily and surely contributed to turning my life around

I’ve learned how to feel more through placing my attention

Taking is the game changer. 

Thank you is better than Sorry 

I’m still learning how to Receive for long periods 

May I? Will You?  Yes. No. That’s it

I’m great in bed if spontaneous, creative, relaxed, caring, generous and present counts 

3 minutes is enough 

Your skin is the greatest erogenous zone

I’ve broken habits of a life time

Allowing surprises me every time 

I stopped having mammograms

I can say what I want. Yes there’ll be consequences. I’ll deal with them. 

My clarity is off the scale. It’s not always popular. It helps me a lot. 

Sometimes 3 minutes is too long. Changing your mind is good.

It can get you somewhere you didn’t know you wanted till you got there and felt it. Sigh. 

I love being pushed up against the wall with someone pulling my hair, heavy breathing and squeezing my bum. It’s hot. 

I can ravage a man.  They like it.  

I can be in awe, gazing on my lover’s body

Variety is what women want.  

Learning to feel pleasure from touching someone else I found empowering.  It’s all receiving. We call that Taking.

Both people Taking, now you’re talking!

I’m beginning to get grateful 

Co-created Massage is the way forward

Hello/Goodbye is where it begins 

I know when it’s for me 

I know when it’s for someone else

It cuts through porn speak. If someone says they want to worship me – blah!  

The golden hairs on someone’s arm made my cheeks blush and my yoni pulse. 

Rejection is a change of direction

Saying No to my friends is the hardest thing. Explaining why is helping

An explanation of No is a choice.  And a sometimes a kind addition 

A 3 minute timer beats a vibrator

It can create a revolution on a Tantra weekend

It’s the death of performance anxiety 

Letting your body decide is radical act of subversion

Getting what you want, when you want with who you want is wonderful. Move over great spirit. 

We always have more power than we think

A still hand on the back of my heart makes me cry. Even to think about it brings tears.

Doing does not equal Giving. That’s old skool. 

It’s the bedroom equivalent of jump-leads for couples

Stop over-giving when no-one asked you.  Martyrdom is boring. 

Empaths can be intrusive actually.  How about going back into your own Domain? 

I tolerated for too long.  Not any more. 

I can put my desires aside

I know the difference between Wanting and Willing 

A man who can ask for what his whole body wants is brilliant 

Be wary of a man who only ‘loves to Give’

Counter offers are welcome

Everything changes all of the time. The Buddha was right about Impermanence 

I’m still learning about safety even though I’ve never felt unsafe.  I want to know the deeper feeling of safe. The absence of fear is not the same as safety. 

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