Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do in a session?

It depends what you want to focus on. I listen to your hopes and fears and suggest practical exercises we could do, to explore what you’d like learn.

Do I need to get naked in the first session?

No. It’ll confuse you.

Do you get naked? 


Can I touch you?

Within an exploration of the Wheel of Consent.   For 3 mins. To learn something about yourself.

What’s the Wheel of Consent?

The most effective model I’ve ever used to empower people to learn to feel more.

Do you work with Couples?

I love working with Couples.

I want to learn how to give a woman pleasure.

That’s a big topic. And not what you think. First you learn how to Receive. You’ll like it!

I’m scared.

That’s natural.  Bring your fear and nervousness with you and learn about how to have more confidence.  It’s fun once you understand more.

I have PE.  Do you work with that?

I offer 90 min consultancy sessions for you to understand why it’s happening to you.  I will work with you after that if you book for multiple sessions as experience says one session doesn’t work. It takes commitment to follow through and change habits.

How much does a session cost

Talk session £100 – 90 mins. Bodywork session £160 – 200 -120 mins

Reduced rates for multiple session bookings.