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Intimate Inspiration for Individuals
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Explore the magical combination of your eroticism, creativity and power to enhance your relationships and life.   None of us know this stuff. It’s good to want to learn.  Once you feel the power of taking steps to build your erotic connection, the benefits ripple into all areas as you get clearer and more confident.

If things are successful generally yet are a bit ‘samey’ for you in your love life, it’s good to seek new possibilities, so you can create intimate relationships from a place of relaxed confidence.

Taking responsibility for understanding what turns you on and off can be fun.  Understanding how you can feel more pleasure, learn about the nuances of touch, express your concerns and desires in safety and how you can get out of your own head to allow the feeling in, is only the beginning.

When you’re in relationship or a bedroom with someone else, there are always new skills to learn about others. There’s a freedom and joy in stopping assuming you have to know or be responsible for someone else’s pleasure.  You can learn new skills, be delightfully surprised, expand your repertoire and learn how to take steps to a more varied intimacy in your life. 

If you’re simply inexperienced expressing this in safety, with privacy and care, and taking small steps is vital.  You might not know what you like or what might be possible, yet you gain confidence without fear of judgement.

All of your desires and puzzling questions are natural.  In a one-to-one or couples sessions, you can explore your sensual possibilities for connection in a wider context and gain a clearer understanding of yourself with ease, connection and safety. You’ll feel more aware and alive, more interested in yourself and initiating more your sex life. 

I offer discreet private sessions in relationship and sexuality coaching.  I teach varied group events and workshops, and I have links with a community of healing and sexuality professionals to make referrals. I mentor practitioners.

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