Intimate Connection for Couples

Renew your intimate connection and relationship

Come and see me if you’d like to increase your connection, broaden your repertoire of pleasure together, reconnect and express intimacy in new ways.

Together you can explore your needs and desires and re-establish your connection using fun exercises and erotic touch, learning about each other and new perspectives.

  • Learn delightful sensual touch skills


  • Expand sensual and sexual experience


  • Improving communication skills


  • Understand the purpose and joys of female-led eroticism and desire


  • Learn to initiate pleasure equally


I create a nonjudgemental, warm and interesting environment  for you to open up and discuss whatever you want. We clarify what you want to focus on and what you are willing and wanting to change.  I listen to you with care and presence, and together we find ideas to help you move forward together. With new perspectives and beliefs, you can open up to experiencing new ways of being.  When you find courage to put these into action, you improve your sexual experiences and have more meaning, confidence  and fun in your bedroom and your life.

I am always clothed.

Contact me to discuss both your needs and desires