Professional Practitioners

Practitioner Mentoring

Developing a practice in the world of conscious sexuality can be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming.  I know as I tried many ways before I found out what I really love to offer.  Building the right practice for You is an exploration of what you love to do, what you’re good at, what the world needs and what has value.

That’s a blend that is yours to create, whatever your trainings and background, you offer something uniquely yours.  I offer to explore, co-create and support you with the following:

  • Professional Mentoring
  • Life and Career coaching
  • Identifying your core Values, Skills and Offerings
  • Understanding and working with your Core Erotic Theme
  • Working with your Enneagram Personality Type to create a Unique Practice
  • Workshop and Session Planning
  • Writing and Content for Websites

£50 an hour

Touch Skills Teaching session

£120 – 90 minutes

£220 – 3 hours

Website Copy Editing

£50 per hour

Practitioner Nurturing sessions in the Temple

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Practitioner Testimonials

I am a Tantric Practitioner, Bondassage® Practitioner and at the time of writing, a trainee Sexological Bodyworker. My journey to all of these practices has been immeasurably aided by Ali who has been my mentor and professional supervisor for over 18 months now. Ali taught me my first tantric massage; but more than that, she helped me to believe in myself, encouraged me to choose the future I wanted and has helped me plan and find my way here. I have never been happier in my life choices or career path and Ali has unwaveringly supported me to achieve this. Whether you are unsure of where you are and where you want to be or if you feel the need for one off or occasional support/advice, or if you are looking for longer term one to one, I highly recommend Ali as an excellent professional resource.

Sian (Practioner)

From meeting Ali running a Consensuality workshop, being a 1-1 client, and now as a mentor and booking agent, Ali has been supporting me on many levels to begin offering my work. Her insight, practical experience and clear honesty are guiding me to finding work to express my true purpose. Offering help with writing profiles, offering nurturing connections with other practitioners and finding clients, she is being a steady, loyal and supportive collaborator. Finding a place as a trusted Shiva and male practitioner in this field of conscious sexuality can be complex and Ali is helping me step into this with clarity and belief.

Saraha (Practioner)