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Everyday Devotion

Everyday Devotion

‘I adore you.’

‘I choose you.’ 

‘Thank you for being in my life.’ 

How many times have you heard that? Or said that? 

Devotion is a rather beautiful and slightly old-fashioned word isn’t it? In a world where sex is commoditised and judged on performance, the quiet art of devotion doesn’t get much of a look in. 

Yet my instinct is we’re missing something. Imagine if someone turned up in your life who you couldn’t have expected and, without you having to do too much, simply loves you. And you them. It’s such a gift.

I’m not talking about all the spiritual stuff of worshipping the goddess here; I’m talking about simple admiration, respect, friendliness and seeing the wonder of another human being who you hold in the highest regard. Who you speak to with love and whose happiness you care about.