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The Fine Art of Giving and Taking: Part 1

The Fine Art of Giving and Taking: Part 1

How many times have you felt that you wanted to give but been disappointed that the other doesn’t want what you suggest?   How many times have you really received what you truly wanted? Do you know what you want to experience? Do you? Can you really ask? 

It seems there’s so much confusion about  Giving and Receiving.  Examples include; I really want to Give, can I go down on you? Would you like a hug? Here’s a gift for you (so you can join me in my hobby or dress up in something I like).

I’ve talked to many many men who feel they want to Give but their partner has closed down; illness, children, menopause and work are the main reasons offered. 

I then talk to so many women who’ve switched off because it’s the same old thing time after time and they’re bored or feeling the pressure to perform. And also, they don’t know what there is to want, or how to express it.

This misunderstanding about Giving is both subtle and sad, and leads to a heartbreaking ebbing away of enthusiasm and passion on both sides.